Do You have problem with Your subcontractors OTD or their product preparation takes way too long ? Do You know how many times the products are redrawn and reengineered by different subcontractors ? Have lost a very profitable project because cant match the deadline?

The answer is sadly about 2 or 3 times. Why is it like this when engineering work is expensive and there is lack of engineers everywhere?  

As worked for both subcontractors and general contractors I have noticed main reason for that – lack of knowledge among engineers and no agreements with subcontractors on fastest information input.

But then how to avoid this situation and get all the info out of the same 3D model ?

As we know on modern day lasers, CNC, nesting machines etc work with files not drawings. Instead of sharing drawings that subcontractor must use to redraw everything to get the files share files: .dxf .dwg .step .csv etc. As making a drawing takes longer time than exporting a file is smart to think is the drawing needed at all ? For example part thickness can be also shown in the cutting file name – Part5000_2mm_S235.dxf

Many times some say why take this effort, other say they dont have software to look those files and so on. Firstly even IF the subcontractor does not reduce the price by engineering cost You will get the product much faster and as we all know last minute projects are much more well paid. Secondly all file viewers are available for free, anyone who is involved in production should at least have a .dxf/.dwg viewer.

To share correct files and info must have knowledge how different materials are processed. What to do with sheet metal, frames, board material, Corian etc so the parts can be produced ASAP without redrawing them will be in the next posts